A desire to move around freely was the driving force behind the development of wireless data transfer technology. Staff mobility becomes mainstream with employees using wireless to work in the office, while away on a business trip or on vacation. Various technologies are now used for wireless web access (Wi-Fi, WiMAX, GPRS/EDGE, satellite communications), allowing access to corporate resources from anywhere in the world. Such mobility of corporate resource users gives rise to new security issues:

  • Controlling access to the wireless segment of the company’s LAN;
  • Ensuring security (confidentiality and integrity) of data transferred via wireless channels;
  • Protecting employees’ mobile devices against network attacks.


Infotecs Americas offers a solution for wireless connection protection based on the ViPNet software package.

ViPNet components provide centralized management of the protected network infrastructure:

  • Modification of cryptographic links;
  • Encryption key management;
  • Managing parameters of access to protected hosts;
  • Managing traffic filtering options;
  • Monitoring the current state and detecting security events on all network hosts.

With ViPNet components, you can:

  • Perform user authentication and authorization in the protected network;
  • Divide your company’s LAN into several security zones and delimit access to LAN resources using firewalls;
  • Ensure protection against network attacks;
  • Provide protected access to the cloud for both mobile users and entire LANs;
  • Ensure confidential, tamper- and spoofing-resistant data transfer via communication channels through traffic encryption.


  • Controlled access to the company’s LAN and cloud;
  • Centralized management of the protected ViPNet network;
  • Confidentiality and integrity of the information transferred via wireless channels;
  • Protection against network attacks on each workstation;
  • Ability to connect to the company’s multimedia systems (IP telephony, video conferencing) via a protected wireless channel;
  • Automatic updates of information about parameters of access to mobile devices.