More and more corporate workers and executives are on the move and use their mobile devices like tablet or smartphone for business communication. Mobility and flexibility in business is necessary for a high productivity in working processes. But what is about security requirements? Attacks on and vulnerabilities in mobile devices are continually on the increase.

Advantages at a glance

  • Combines enterprise grade security with usability and performance
  • Provides true mobility and portability
  • Works with multiple devices to provide a seamless solution
  • Easy to deploy and maintain
  • Maximizes interoperability with your current network
  • Reduces complexity and cost
  • One solution for all your secure mobile communication
  • Separates corporate and personal traffic (Suitable for BYOD)
  • Supports extremely sensitive / top security requirements
  • Monitor changes, detect and prevent threats from causing major issues
  • Ease and speed adoption of Mobile Security
  • Enable secure collaboration and embrace cloud usage

Secure mobile communication in one flexible, scalable, cost-effective solution

ViPNet Mobile Security Suite provides corporate workers with enterprise grade security without compromising on usability or performance in one flexible, scalable, cost-effective solution especially suited for mobile use cases. This mobile solution gets the balance right: it is easy to deploy and maintain, and it seamlessly integrates into existing networks ensuring the protection of existing investments. ViPNet Mobile Security Suite is a reliable solution to provide the highest levels of security and safety along with the freedom and flexibility for protecting your business for today and future proofing it for tomorrow.