Digitalization has brought benefits to Oil & Gas Companies but it has also significantly increased cyber risks according to a recent study by Ponemon Institute.

Cyber Challenges in Oil & Gas / Energy

Oil & Gas companies are an extremely attractive target for Cyber Criminals, Hacktivists, and even Terrorists. Steps taken toward digitalization and the Cloud have exposed vulnerabilities in the operational technology used extensively in the Oil & Gas sector. The broad range of diverse business processes and systems encompassing Upstream, Mid-Stream, and Downstream as well as Trading Businesses creates multiple attack vectors which can be exploited by threat actors. In addition to the typical impacts of cyber incidents which include data, reputation and business loss, cyber attacks on the Oil & Gas industry could also cause major damage to plant and equipment, environment and public safety risks. Oil & Gas cyber solutions need to be able to meet these challenges and address:

  • Extensive use of operational technology which was not designed to be connected to the internet and lacks robust built-in security
  • Integrate with and protect legacy technology and systems which are not practical to rip out and replace
  • Protect ICS & SCADA systems as well as traditional networks and an extended enterprise including contractors
  • Provide secure yet reliable connectivity for remote workers connected through mobile devices
  • Enable digitalization and allow secure Cloud usage

Why Infotecs for Oil & Gas / Energy

Infotecs has a long history of working with customers in the Oil & Gas / Energy sector. We understand the specific needs of the industry and our solutions have been proven to deliver significant value through our:

  • Comprehensive cyber security in one flexible, modular and cost-effective platform
  • Complete Multi-layer protection from the end-point through the cloud, encompassing the sensor and Scada level to the Network and extended enterprise
  • Seamless integration within existing / legacy networks

Oil & Gas / Energy Cyber Scenarios

Infotecs has worked with numerous leading Oil & Gas companies globally to help them with their toughest cyber challenges. Some of the many examples of the types of security scenarios we enable for Oil & Gas customers include:

  • Network and Legacy Systems Security
  • End point security via the Cloud
  • Secure Mobile Communications for Field Service Engineers and other remote workers
  • Secure Video Monitoring and Surveying of Physical Plant and Asset Fields via Drones
  • Secure Remote Access for Control and Monitoring of Systems & Sensors
  • Secure Voice Over IP Communication
  • Military Grade encrypted voice, e-mail, chat, and file exchange on commercially available smartphones, tablets, and other devices
  • Secure Remote Access and Monitoring
  • Secure collaboration with external partners such as Banks and Logistics Service Providers, Key Suppliers, and Customers
  • Threat Detection / Management
  • Selected Customer Examples:
  • Leading Oil & Gas Company – Secure Data Transmission of Critical Infrastructure Pipeline Data and Mobile Service Engineers, Mobile Security on Android & iOS
  • Major Oil & Gas Company – Network Security, Mobile Security & Secure Collaboration
  • Major International Oil & Gas company – Secure EDI services for Gas stations. Secure connections between refining plants and transportation organizations as well as secure collaboration with external partners and suppliers
  • German Utility Company (Combined Heating & Power) – Secure Critical Infrastructure. Secure remote access for control and monitoring of critical sensors.
  • European and International provider of Energy, Electrical, and Water Treatment Systems. Centralized solution for remote monitoring of critical systems in multiple countries