Cloud migration has become one of the most defining trends in the evolution corporate IT infrastructure. Many companies across a range of industries would potentially benefit from moving to the cloud by saving on IT infrastructure costs and maintenance while ensuring easy access to and availability of Cloud based systems.  However, Cloud usage can expose companies to cyber risks so any move to the Cloud needs to involve added security measures. 

What problems could arise?

Cloud migration leads to re-organization of the corporate network topology. The routing table changes, as does the protected area, which is now split into segments. These segments exchange data over unencrypted public channels.

Core concerns of cloud migration:

  • How expensive is it to re-establish links between services on the cloud and their users during and after the migration?
  • Is the data exchanged securely?
  • Is the connection stable and fast?

The Infotecs ViPNet technology

removes the difficulties in solving these issues and ensures enough secure yet reliable connectivity between users and resources regardless of their location.  When a resource is moved to the cloud, protected communication channels are re-established automatically and immediately. The resource transition is seamless for users and does not affect their routine workflow. This allows for easy and cost-effective secure Cloud migration.

Infotecs ViPNet Technology helps our clients avoid most of the common problems associated with moving on-premise corporate resources to the cloud.

  • There is no need to configure  client-server connections from scratch; they are configured automatically.
  • ViPNet technology securely protects traffic which means that there is no need to use other protection tools.
  • All data is encrypted with robust yet very low latency encryption so that third parties cannot read, modify or substitute data that users exchange with resources in the Cloud. 

Selected Advantages of Using ViPNet Technology to Enable Secure Cloud Usage:

  • Decrease the costs of moving your on-premise corporate servers to the Cloud, as long as the routing reconfiguration and the secure access to the servers in the Cloud is provided automatically.
  • Utilize a hybrid infrastructure, to maximize flexibility through keeping hosts in the cloud or on-premise, according to particular needs.  The Infotecs monitoring tools enable you to monitor the entire network despite the fact that part of the network is in the Cloud.
  • Control the load on your Cloud server, its connectivity with its users, and other parameters independently from your Cloud service provider. This allows you to avoid denial of service (DoS) and to save costs on unused resources.
  • Protect your network against unauthorized access.  The Cloud infrastructure of your provider may include resources of multiple organizations. For each one, this is a risk, and they want to have the access to resources inside the cloud restricted.  The Infotecs ViPNet solution protects traffic and corporate network hosts inside the cloud against attacks coming from hosts of other organizations which may be used by third parties as an entry point for an attack