The Financial services sector faces the greatest economic risk related to cybersecurity, according to Deloitte. Information security researchers have cited that financial services firms are hit by security incidents 300 times more frequently than businesses in other industries.

Cyber Security Challenges in Banking and Financial Services:

Banking and Financial Services companies face major risks relating to cybersecurity. The operational risk is high as banks adapt business models, transform technology and operating processes, and respond to increasing cyber threats. Network security breaches can affect share prices, cause irreparable reputational damage and impact on the stability of the wider financial market. Moreover, the targeted intrusion of banks partner organizations e.g. stock exchange, news agencies, insurance companies etc. are a key cyber risks to banks. In addition, vulnerabilities at the banking customer level also have a direct cost impact on the bank (breaches on retailers, enterprise customers, hospitality, i.e. credit card fraud, compromised BACS transfers). These risks are compounded by a technology environment which involves: ​

  • Interconnectivity of Mobile devices, Cloud and Banking Systems Infrastructure expose increased vulnerabilities to Cyber Threats
  • Complex, distributed, highly regulated environment with extremely sophisticated technology at point of delivery combined with legacy banking systems infrastructure
  • Proliferation of new technologies and mobile banking brings additional challenges

Why Infotecs for Banking & Financial Services:

Infotecs has a deep heritage in securing Banking & Financial services environments for over 20 years and has strong customer references in Banking & Financial Services. We have over 35 discrete banking clients including complex, large scale deployments with wide ranging functional scope.

  • Comprehensive security technology in one platform
  • Seamlessly integrates into existing networks
  • Suitable for extremely low latency environments

How Infotecs Adds Value to Banking & Financial Services Cyber Environments:

Some of the many ways that Infotecs solutions can be deployed to support Banking & Financial Services environments include:

  • Military Grade encrypted voice, e-mail, chat and file exchange on commercially available smartphones, tablets and other devices
  • Secure Mobile Communications banking staff and the extended enterprise (contractors, partners)
  • Secure Systems Infrastructure (Network Security, Cloud Security)
  • Secure Data Transfer for extremely low latency environments
  • Secure Document Management / Exchange and Signature
  • Highly Secure, Discrete, Isolated Networks within the Corporate Environment
  • Secure Voice Over IP Communication
  • Secure Remote Access and Monitoring
  • Threat Detection / Management (Instant notification of security non-compliance)
  • Secure Collaboration
  • Secure Video Surveillance

Customer Examples:

  • Major Foreign Investment Bank: Secure collaboration /secure remote access. Secure document management. Highly Secure, Discrete, isolated e-mail system for Top Management.
  • Major National Banking Group - Secure collaboration and mobile access. Dynamic isolated network with Dynamic DMZ for securing the corporate network from opportunistic attack via internet vulnerabilities. Secure Branch WiFi. Secure access to corporate network from mobile devices in the branch.
  • Major US Headquartered International Banking & Money Transfer Group: Low latency secure inter bank transfer of funds and data. High Availability, Cloud Based Solution. Secure to Financial Industry Standards.
  • Major Japanses Automotive and Financial Company: Secure Data Transfer Solution for Intra bank (Central Headquarters to Branch) communications.