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ViPNet SafeDisk-V allows you to store files on your PC in encrypted form and work with them securely.

With ViPNet SafeDisk-V, you create an encrypted container for protecting sensitive data. The container is a file on your hard disk or a removable drive.

After you connect a container, you can work with its data in the same way as with regular files on a disk. When the container is disconnected, its data is encrypted and becomes unavailable to the user.


  • Simple and user-friendly graphical interface.
  • A higher-security mode is available that restricts the computer from accessing the network when its user works with containers (due to ViPNet Client integration).
  • Users can exchange their containers.
  • Users can securely place their containers and work with them in public, cloud-based services that support local data synchronization with the cloud (for example, DropBox).

Connecting and disconnecting containers

  • Containers can automatically connect when you start the program and disconnect when you exit it.
  • You can immediately disconnect your containers in case of emergency.
  • You can hide a protected container and evidence of working with it.

Access control

  • Differentiated access to containers for users on the same workstation. 
  • Copying (export) of containers for their delivery to another user or the creation of a backup copy.
  • The ability to enable two-factor authentication of users with identification tokens.

Protected container size

  • Up to 2 GB (depending on the file system type).


  • Data is encrypted with the AES algorithm (256-bit keys).