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ViPNet Registration Point (Registration Center) is a certification authority component that allows you to spread the certification authority’s load, related to registration and service provision to users, over several points, and differentiate their scope of activities (in geographically distributed information systems, for example).

Use Cases

  • As part of a certification authority, Registration Centers act as intermediaries between the CAs and their users: they form and process requests to issue, revoke, suspend, and resume user certificates.
  • As part of a ViPNet network, Registration Centers act as intermediaries between ViPNet Key and Certification Authority (KCA) and the clients of a ViPNet network: they generate key set requests and issue key sets for users.


  • A KCA supports an arbitrary number of separate Registration Centers.
  • Registration Center supports Active Directory as the external source of the users’ data.
  • Registration Center supports saving the PKI user keys to external devices intended for storing the keys.

The search for and viewing of the data published at the distribution points

Import of certificate revocation lists issued by third-party certification authorities

Provision of Registration Center services to CA users

  • Automatic registration of CA users using external data sources.
  • Generation of keys (public and private) for registered users.
  • Creation of requests to KCA:
    • To issue a public key certificate.
    • To revoke, suspend, or resume a certificate.
  • Receiving responses to requests from KCA and distributing the issued certificates to PKI users.
  • Saving private keys and CA user certificates to personal external devices.
  • Keeping a registry of certificates and certificate revocation lists (CRL) received from KCA.

Provision of Registration Center services to ViPNet network users

Creation of requests to the KCA to issue key sets for ViPNet network users, including:

  • Linking a ViPNet host to other ViPNet hosts.
  • Licensing and configuration of additional software and other features on a ViPNet host.
  • Receipt of key sets from KCA and delivery of the key sets to the user.