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ViPNet Key and Certification Authority is a part of the ViPNet Administrator software used for managing ViPNet networks.

ViPNet Key and Certification Authority is designed for managing the key structure of the ViPNet network and to function as a certification authority, that is, to issue and maintain public key certificates.


  • Creating a certification authority of any scale, including in organizations with a geographically distributed network topology.
  • Compatibility and integrability into the certification authority infrastructure of the protected network based on ViPNet software solutions that protect data exchange channels.

  • Registering users.
  • Issuing keys and certificates, including qualified certificates, to users.
  • Revoking, suspending, and resuming the certificates.
  • Keeping a register of certificates.
  • Establishing trust relationships with third-party certification authorities.
  • Distributing issuer certificates, CRLs, and user certificates.
  • Publishing user certificates, cross certificates, issuer certificates, and CRLs in public data stores and distribution points.
  • Providing users with issuer certificates and CRLs of third-party certification authorities.
  • Providing information about certificate statuses in real time.
  • Time stamping upon user requests.
  • Notifying users and administrators on expiration of previously issued certificates.
  • Reporting on the number of issued certificates.


Digital signature generation and MAC protection algorithm

RSA (SHA256) with 2048-bit key

Certificate and CRL standard

PKI X.509 v3 (RFC 3280)

Certificate and CRL import format

PKCS#7 (RFC2315)