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Secure Commerce Systems, Inc. and Infotecs Americas, Inc. launch their North American partnership in Houston, TX to deliver turnkey cyber security innovation to the Energy Sector

New York/Houston, October 16, 2017 – Infotecs Americas, Inc. (Infotecs) and Texas based Secure Commerce Systems, Inc. (“SCS”) announce today that they have entered into partnership to deliver turnkey, innovative cyber security projects to the Energy Sector. As part of the relationship SCS will re-sell and service Infotecs’ cyber security and encryption solutions. The companies will present their joint capabilities from November 6th to the 9th at the American Petroleum Institute’s 12th Annual Cybersecurity Conference for the Oil & Gas Industry.


“We were positively impressed by Infotecs’ capabilities to protect against man in the middle attacks and insider threats”, said Dan White, CEO of Secure Commerce Systems. “Their technology’s unique ability to encrypt from ICS end elements to the cloud to verify and validate machine-to-machine commands in ICS and SCADA deployments is particularly compelling and can deliver significant benefits to many of our clients.”

The Infotecs Security and Threat Intelligence Platform provides innovative, robust, cost-effective solutions for the toughest cyber security challenges, particularly in the Oil & Gas Industry, which Infotecs has served and secured for over two decades. The military grade, unique point-to-point synchronous encryption provides exceptional advantages and is uniquely impervious to man-in-the-middle attacks.

“The increased connectivity of Operational Technology and IT systems and the prevalence of legacy environments is creating enormous cyber challenges for established companies and their industries. Organizations need the strongest Cyber defense possible to protect all their assets, wherever and however they are connected to the internet,” said Ian Bottomley, Strategic Board Advisor of Infotecs. “We are confident that the combination of Infotecs’ unique products and SCS proven expertise in delivering exceptionally successful programs and services will give our clients the most innovative and effective means to stay ahead of the toughest Cyber threats.”


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