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The new version of ViPNet Connect is available

Berlin, May 4, 2021 — Infotecs GmbH, a leading international cybersecurity and threat intelligence platform provider announces the release of the following new versions of ViPNet Connect:

  • ViPNet Connect for Windows 2.9;
  • ViPNet Connect for macOS 2.9.

Infotecs’ ViPNet Connect is a leading solution for secure communication that delivers the strongest available encryption combined with maximum convenience, functionality and usability. In contrast to consumer focused messaging applications ViPNet Connect provides secure, controlled and compliant enterprise communication. It enables fast, easy to use, reliable yet secure communication via chat, voice calls (VoIP), video calls and file exchange. It supports multiple devices: allowing users to move seamlessly between their mobile phones, tablet or PCs for maximum convenience and productivity.

ViPNet Connect new features:

  • Reset the chat selection (hide the contents of the conversation by pressing Esc);
  • Disabling SIP account from settings;
  • Editor for Avatar;
  • New design for notifications in the taskbar;
  • Collapsing the chat list to Avatars;
  • Resizing the video call window;
  • Authorization in NVS;
  • Lock screen;
  • Added the "Chat" button on the video call screen and removed the pause.

All Infotecs GmbH products and solutions are based on ViPNet proprietary technology with AES-256 encryption and symmetric key management, which is impervious to man-in-the-middle attacks. ViPNet technology protects the data transmission channel and prevents unauthorized access to mobile devices.