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Infotecs launches new version of VCCR

New York, August 23, 2021 — Infotecs, leading cybersecurity and threat intelligence platform provider, announces the release of VCCR 4.4.2, a security gateway for deploying on public cloud platforms – Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure Cloud. 

VCCR for cloud environments provides multilevel security for enterprises’ network infrastructures. Wherever sensitive business data is stored and processed, whether in a VPC or the public cloud, VCCR protects information from threats and adapts to changing environments of virtual and cloud infrastructures. This virtual gateway meets even the most demanding requirements in terms of functionality, usability, reliability and fault tolerance.

What`s new in VCCR 4.4.2:
  • Support for Microsoft Azure Cloud
    VCCR can now be deployed in Microsoft Azure Cloud.
  • Exporting IP packet logs and transferring in the CEF format
    IP packet logs in the CEF format can be exported to a remote server.
  • New Web Access design
    Web Access has a new design with improved element layout and navigation.
  • Displaying log size at log export
    When exporting the log, VCCR packs the system log to the logs.tar.gz file.
  • Scheduled restart
    In earlier versions, VCCR could only be restarted on demand. Now, in Web Access, VCCR can be configured to restart according to a schedule.
  • Configuring the application layer gateway (ALG) module responsible for the application protocol processing
    In earlier versions, the ALG module could only be configured in CLI. Now it can be configured via Web Access as well, in the Application Layer Gateway section.
  • Changing the license
    When updating to version 4.4.2, the license can be changed to enhance the VCCR performance.
  • Using host name when searching in the MFTP envelope log
    In earlier versions, one could only use the host ID (under Hosts sending envelopes) when searching in the MFTP envelop log via Web Access. Now one can specify the hostname instead of the host ID.
  • Displaying log size at log export
    When exporting the log, VCCR packs the system log to the logs.tar.gz file. To choose the log save path, one might need to know the export file size. Therefore, when exporting the log, the new VCCR version displays the archive size.
  • IP addresses of the same broadcast domain cannot be assigned to different network interfaces
    The new version checks that IP addresses of different network interfaces belong to the different broadcast domains and prohibits assigning IP addresses of the same domain.
  • SMTP/POP3 channel is no longer supported by the MFTP Transport Module
    The SMTP/POP3 channel transfers have lower performance compared to that of MFTP channel. This is now obsolete.

VCCR operates as a VPN gateway in IP networks protected by ViPNet technology. A ViPNet network is a virtual private network deployed on top of local or global networks of any topology. The ViPNet technology ensures encrypted “client-to-client” communication between ViPNet hosts, a feature that is absent in many common VPN solutions.