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Getac and Infotecs tested the compatibility of their products

Berlin, November 25, 2019 – Getac and Infotecs Internet Security Software have verified the compatibility of their products in a test environment, which the companies arranged together at the Infotecs Lab in Berlin. The test results demonstrate that Getac F110G3 and Getac S410 laptops / tablets work correctly with ViPNet Client 4.5 and ViPNet Connect 2.4 software from Infotecs portfolio.

Getac InfoTeCS

Infotecs ViPNet solution deliver efficient and cost-effective encryption protection for the most demanding Customers in the various conditions and ensure robust protection of valuable data in one solution that provides

  • Significant additional benefits including full firewall capability for public and DMZ networks
  • Fail-safe failover due to failover cluster mode
  • Protection of the entire internal network against unauthorized external access
  • Minimization of DoS and DDoS attacks
  • Easy management of complex network topologies

The Getac hardware with the pre-installed the ViPNet software becomes a component of a ViPNet solution and provides the following benefits for the end users:

  • Robust, enterprise-grade security for mobile equipment without compromising on usability or performance.
  • Smoothly integrates Getac devices into corporate workflows and provides reliable security for end users
  • Secure connection with the company’s resources (internal Databases and mail services, DNS)
  • Protection against man-in-the-middle attacks
  • Traffic control and filtering of the different user groups using virtual IP address ranges
  • Completely secure mobile communication with point-to-point secure voice, video, e-mail, chat and files exchange

Based on the test results, a formal Compatibility Report has been signed, which guarantees that the joint solution is fully functional.

About Getac

Getac is a producer of laptops, tablet PCs, and mobile devices intended for severe operating conditions. Getac secure mobile computers are used by the police, army, and first responders and widely utilized in industrial enterprises and transport services.