DiMitEx: Secured remote predictive / preventive maintenance access to production facilities worldwide from Infotecs.

Berlin, February 16, 2021 - Cyber security and threat intelligence specialist Infotecs will present its ViPNet solutions at DiMitEx from February 22-25, 2021.

Hacker attacks on German companies have multiplied in recent months. Increasingly, automated tools based on artificial intelligence are being used to quickly identify vulnerabilities. On average, there are about 250 new hacker exploits per month to gain access to corporate networks. The loss of production and required efforts to restore systems causes billions of dollars of damage to the economy. The reputational damage that companies suffer as a result is significant.

In the presentation "Secured Remote Predictive / Preventive Maintenance Access to Production Facilities Worldwide" on February 25 at 10:40 am, Infotecs will present how the company enables remote access to industrial plant data encrypted with Infotecs ViPNet software. Infotecs has added its security solution to include the condition monitoring of industrial plants. Data transmission is securely encrypted, and controlled access is only for authorized persons. For example, an external technician is allowed protected access to plants and machines in production and the ability to monitor data securely. Furthermore, visual access to video cameras can also be encrypted.

"Hackers specifically exploit remote access vulnerabilities to penetrate corporate networks. Critical infrastructures (CRITIS) represent a lucrative target for hackers in this context," says Josef Waclaw, CEO of Infotecs GmbH. "Our ViPNet software ensures that data from industrial plants is encrypted and securely transmitted to the remote station, which is also protected. Cyber criminals are thus prevented from accessing or manipulating the machine data."

DiMitEx stands for Digitalization Mittelstand Exposition. More than 3,600 visitors have already registered for the event. In the live lectures, professionals from the industry will present innovative solutions, helpful use cases and valuable knowledge. At the virtual booths, there is the possibility to download brochures and info or to get into conversation with the company's contact people.

The Infotecs team is looking forward to the visit of partners, customers and other people interested in cyber security. Visitors can register free of charge at https://bit.ly/3rXOFSG.