Infotecs Technical Support Policy for Software & VA Products

  1. Introduction
  2. The Infotecs Software Technical Support Policy is applied to all software and virtual appliance products by Infotecs, unless otherwise stated.

    This Policy should serve as the basis for Service Level Agreements with customers.

    Only licensed software can be subject to technical support under this Policy.

    Technical support is provided based on support requests (Tickets) filed by customers. The reported defect or issue should be reproducible in supported versions of the software product. The list of currently supported versions of the software products with Support timelines is available at

    The Infotecs Software Technical Support Policy is developed based on consistent and predictable mechanisms of software updating in agreement with their Lifecycle.

  3. Technical Support Lifecycle
  4. Speaking of Product Lifecycle in the market and its technical support timeline we use the terms Major Version and Minor Version of the product. A Major Version change means migration to a new product generation and involves significant functional or non-functional changes to the product that affect customers’ workflow. Further in this document, we consider product lifecycle within one Major Version, though we also address the issues of migrating to a new product generation. Minor Version changes are associated with improvement and (or) stabilization of the features of the current product generation and are released within one lifecycle.

    From the perspective of product presence in the market, we may single out the following main product lifecycle milestones:

    • General Availability (GA) – start of the new product version sales,
    • End of Sales (EOS) – end of the current product version sales,
    • End of Mainstream Support (EOMS) – end of the main period of support for the product version,
    • End of Life (EOL) – end of life of the current product version and end of any support.

    Infotecs shall inform users about EOS, EOMS, and EOL of the products these customers use not later than half a year before the due date. This information shall also be available on the company’s web site. Moreover, Infotecs shall announce beforehand that a new Major Version is going to be released and provide customers (on their request) with a pilot version for trial before the start of sales.

    The whole period of support for one product version is at least 5 years unless stated otherwise in the product life cycle. This period is divided into the Mainstream Support and Extended Support periods.

    During the Mainstream Support period, Infotecs shall release software updates that may contain bug fixes, vulnerability patches, and minor improvements to software functionality. Depending on the needs, during the period of Mainstream Support, a customer may choose one of the Support Plans: Basic Support Plan or Premium Support Plan.

    During the Extended Support period, Infotecs shall release software updates, where vulnerabilities are eliminated and critical bugs are fixed. Other bugs can be fixed only under additional agreements and are subject to payment regardless of the chosen Support Plan. It must be noted that resolving some issues during the Extended Support period may require upgrading to the next Major Version.

    The terms of providing technical support during the Mainstream and Extended Support periods are discussed with customers and fixed in the Agreement. The Agreement may be valid for a period of time that is longer than the Mainstream Support period. In this case, the Agreement shall be drawn up on Extended Support terms or shall cover several periods, within which support will be provided under different terms.

    EOMS is 1 year after EOS of this product version, but not earlier than 2 years after the start of sales of the next Major Version. Extended Support is provided for 1 year; end of Extended Support means EOL of the current product version. After the product EOL, Infotecs is not liable for the product use and its maintenance.

  5. Technical Support Plans
  6. There are two technical support plans - Basic Support Plan and Premium Support Plan - differing by the services offered.

    The first year of Basic Support Plan costs 12% of the product license price; each next year is 20% of the product license price.

    Basic Support Plan options:

    • Updates released within one Major Version are free of charge.
    • Upgrade to the next Major Version is charged 30% of the price.
    • E-mail and phone support is available (under the terms given below).
    • Remote diagnosis of issues over the means of remote connection provided by the customer.
    • A support engineer arrives at the customer’s site to resolve critical issues (the terms are given below).

    If reliability and security are of crucial importance, the customer may choose Premium Support Plan that offers individual approach to the customer’s business needs and proactive maintenance of critical systems. In addition to the Basic Support Plan options, Premium Support Plan offersthe following options:

    Basic Support Plan options:

    • During Pre-sale, Infotecs specialists analyze the current IT infrastructure of the customer and design a detailed plan for deploying ViPNet products.
    • Infotecs specialists model the customer’s infrastructure before and after ViPNet products are deployed, in order to eliminate the most significant risks to business.
    • Upgrade to the next Major Version is 30% of the product cost.
    • Personal account manager.
    • Webinars and workshops are available free of charge to demonstrate best practices in creating a secure environment.
    • Dedicated technical support specialist resolves the issues at the Infotecs site.
    • Emergency support – immediate reaction to critical issues (each emergency call is subject to extra charge).
    • Feature requests are accepted (the price shall be stipulated separately).
    • Access to new product versions before they are released (General Availability).
    • Comprehensive analysis of the systems to check that they are exploited and protected properly.

    Premium Support Plan allows the customer to choose an individual set of services in addition to the Basic Support Plan options. The terms and prices for Premium options are agreed upon and fixed in SLA. Premium Support Plan options are available only to customers, who have a valid SLA for Basic Support Plan.

    Basic Support Plan includes resolving of up to 40 Tickets per year. If necessary the customer may order additional services that are charged under SLA. If less than 40 Tickets were resolved for the customer, then the remaining number of potential support requests shall be added to the next-year Support Plan or exchanged for additional services of Premium Support Plan.

    Technical support specialists may arrive at the site of the Basic Support Plan customer, only if the customer has a critical issue that cannot be resolved on the phone or remotely. The Premium Support Plan customer may request for the Emergency Support service to resolve not only critical issues, but also minor problems, in case the customer considers that the issue may pose risks to business. The Emergency Support specialist arrives at the site as soon as possible; the corresponding support request does not need to be escalated.

    If technical support specialists need to arrive at the customer’s site, the customer shall pay for the specialists’ work (hourly) and reimburse all transport and accommodation expenses.